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In love with the Sun: The new Silhouette collections in mesmerising colours

Fresh Nature, Brass Safari or Sunset Beach – which color world is your favorite?

With the FRESH NATURE look you’ll keep a cool head, BRASS SAFARI models will let you shine with the laid-back chic of caramel and green tones, and your SUNSET BEACH sunglasses will shimmer sublimely in the sun’s rays.

Ultralight, perfectly formed and expressive: our 2018 collection of sunglasses combines the highest standards in design with striking colours and innovative tech – for modern sunnies with a timeless chic. 12 new models of shades for him and her embody Silhouette’s unique sense of personality – from 80s flair to minimalist perfection and metallic elegance. This year’s soft and bold summer tones are available across three new colour ranges:

The energetic purples, salmons and oranges of the SUNSET BEACH line serve up intense light effects.

Cool off with the FRESH NATURE colour group: blue, emerald green, turquoise, mint rosé and transparent lens tints give every look a sense of coolness and a chilled yet dynamic impact.

The BRASS SAFARI models cover the spectrum of earthy shades: earth, caramel and green tones are soothing, classy and debonair for the perfect casual look.

Eight types of model are also available with prescription lenses, enabling perfect vision even after dark.

FRESH NATURE: A new perspective

A highlight is the unisex full-rim pair Titan Breeze. Blue nude and brass mint are eyecatching hues that bring out the elegant minimalist shape of the specs. In their brass variation the essentials really come into focus: light-wearing, comfortable shades that make an impression whether you’re at the beach or in town.



Titan Breeze 8694 in Blue-Nude

BRASS SAFARI: Smart casual 

The BRASS SAFARI models really hit the mark with the laid-back chic of their soothing earth, caramel and green tones. Cool hues are combined to create striking contrasts, for instance in the reflective, graduated brass mint option.

The style conscious will love our Infinity Collection, whose colour combinations and graduations are delivered with elegant understatement. Lens colour play with full-rim effects work wonderfully with the in-line glazing. For an on-trend look and broad perspective, the outer lens is always produced in transparent tones.


Infinity 8161 in Classic Grey Gradient | Infinity 8695 in Grey | Infinity 8696 in Earth Gradient

SUNSET BEACH: Dynamic vision

The stimulating hues of SUNSET BEACH shimmer sublimely in the sun’s rays. Burnt orange, salmon and purple are fashionable headturners. The TMA Atwire model outdoes itself in this colour group: the metal rims are arched over the lens, beautifully highlighting the contours of the shades. This shape-in-shape design doesn’t just emphasise the form but also heightens the colour effects of the frameless Silhouette.


TMA Atwire 8163 in Mint-Rose


TMA Atwire 8163 in Classic Grey Gradient | TMA Atwire 8162 in Purple-Orange

Where can I get them?

Right here at Sparks & Feros Optometrists!

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